1. Design

through HTML5 on WebKit

To design for the Friar Framework you just have to build HTML5 pages and you can unleash the power of WebKit.

That's all. Use your favorite tools, test it on Android AVDs or actual devices, refine as much as you want, include all the HTML5 goodness: video, audio, animations.

You can even view it in your standard desktop browser.

2. Package

in the HPub format

Friar uses the open and simple HPub 1.0 format defined by the Baker Framework: one folder, "book/", contains all your HTML pages and all your assets.

Inside, one short file, book.json specifies page order, title, url identifier and properties of your publication.

Design your own navigation using an additional HTML file: index.html.

3. Publish

using Friar Framework

Download the Friar Framework and follow the simple instructions contained in the README file:

  • Rename the Android project
  • Include your book
  • Include your icon
  • Follow the Android Market publishing instructions

Friar Framework is open source, BSD licensed

We think that digital books should be well designed, easy to publish and written in an open standard: that's why we decided to build Friar and release it under the BSD license.

The BSD License allow you to use Friar Framework for both personal and commercial use.

If you want to contact us, feel free to use Github or write to me at szuhanchang@gmail.com.

Han Chang
Baker Framework